Rain teaches two classes on an occasional basis. They are:

How Songs Work

How do songs work? Whether you’re a tone-deaf music lover, an artist in another field who’d like some creative crop rotation, or a songwriter who wants a refresher of the basics, this is for you. You won’t be writing songs in this class. Instead, you’ll learn about rhythm and rhyme and you'll be tossing out terms like “bridge!” and “ABAB rhyme scheme” in a fun, no stress, small-group setting with killer music. 

Finish the Damn Song 

For songwriters of any experience level who need some focused feedback on works-in-progress, as well as folks who are itching to write and need a kick start. We alternate assigned exercises with intensive discussion of writers’ individual work. 

Private Sessions

Rain is available for private creative coaching.

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To reserve a spot in any of these classes, email Rain directly to be placed on the list.

Scholarships available. Information upon request.



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