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Mark Hallman and I are making a record!

Someone at Folk Alliance said something funny. I mentioned that my new album was about growing up white, and she said "That's all the albums! But good for you for admitting it." Touché.

This album, which I'm temporarily referring to as "Wypipo," is a look at my family and childhood through a new lens. Where Cinderblock Bookshelves was a personal hippie kid memoir, this new album pulls back to look at the bigger picture of what it was to grow up a white kid and to be white in the world now.

Inspired by the great socially-conscious-while-musically-wonderful albums of the 1970s, like innervisions and what's going on, this record -- and a still-being-conceived live performance -- is designed to spark constructive conversation about what we white people do now, once we start to see how we fit in these fraught issues. One major part is to be open to learning what - to use a loaded, overused term - privilege really entails.

I can't wait for you to hear it! There are collaborations with some artists I can't wait to announce, and I'm very, very excited because Mark is on fire with the innovative, inspired musical arrangements. We're recording remotely, which isn't all that different from how we normally work except I'm cutting the vocals at home.

If you want to talk about this record or what it's about, write and say hi.

xo Rain

Let's Be Brave.

Let's Be Brave Podcast out now.

Let's Be Brave (the album) is available for sale. Buy it here.

"...what an album it is." -- Bill Bentley


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