A Knob of Ginger

You buy a giant ginger root. You use some and put the rest in your refrigerator drawer. You forget it. You forget it until you reach behind the broccoli and EWW. A moldy-yet-also-dried-out mess.

No more! Thanks to a long-ago tip from my friend Jenny Phelps, I always have fresh ginger! And you can too.

When you first buy it, take the time to peel and slice down the whole thing. (Don't berate yourself too much for putting more ginger than you'd like into the compost - it's just too hard to peel around all those corners.)(Or better yet, save the little ends and pieces, skin included, and drop one or two in your tea.)

Then slice the ginger into 1/2" pieces, toss it in a jar, cover with cheap sake and put it in the fridge. It lasts forever, and it doesn't leave a sake taste in whatever you're making.

Next week? I'll tell you something awesome you can do with the sake when the ginger is gone.


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