Music for Shut-Ins


Hello! I've been teaching songwriting for quite a few years now, and I love doing it. Right now I need to be doing something that makes me feel I'm contributing to the world.

I've gone through my notes and rethought how my classes could work online. I've got a bunch of new ideas that I can't wait to try because it's fun to teach, it's heartening to connect with other humans, and I cannot watch Law & Order SVU all day every day.

So I've tried this out with some friendly volunteers to hash out the quirks of teaching online, and it's gone great! Here are the three classes I've come up with:

How Songs Work -- For non-musicians or songwriters who'd like a refresher of the basics. Join in a small online group once a week with singer-songwriter Rain Perry to listen to great music, learn about rhyme and rhythm and get a crash course in the history of rock and roll.

Start The Damn Song -- Making yourself sit down and write is half the battle. Don't do it alone! Join Rain and friends online for clever and fun songwriting prompts to kick your songs into gear.

Finish The Damn Song -- for songwriters at any level who need focused and supportive feedback to finish their songs-in-progress. Each session, we'll hash through whatever each student is working on and see if we can get those songs completed once and for all. We will also have a surprise special guest from time to time!

Each class runs for one hour and they are all free as long as we're quarantined, with a catch. To join the class, you have to make a donation (of any size your budget allows) to a worthy organization of your choice that is helping people in your community affected by COVID19 or suffering economic fallout from the quarantine. Show me the receipt and the class is yours.

Click the title of the class you like to sign up. Space is limited so it doesn't get unworkable in an online format. Questions? Email me! rain at rain perry dot com.



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