Leftover Chinese Food Frittata


You know how when you order Chinese food you always order too much, so you save all the containers for the next day because you love leftover Chinese food? And when you open the fridge again you realize that some of the containers just have a couple of vegetables and a whole bunch of sauce?

I have a plan for how to turn that disappointing moment into a culinary coup.

Leftover Chinese Food Frittata


Leftover Chinese Food


Beat enough eggs for the number of people you are feeding. Stir in the contents of all the takeout containers. If there are super-large chunks of anything, chop it a little. Pour mixture into a greased baking dish and bake in a 375 oven until the middle of the frittata is firm to the touch, the top is beginning to nicely brown, and you can jiggle the pan without any sense of runniness.

Remove from oven, slice into wedges, and serve! All of a sudden you have a steamy, hearty, interestingly flavored brunch or dinner success.

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