Five Questions with Seela

The music business as we know it is changing in fundamental ways. This is the newest installment in a regular series of short conversations with musicians about their lives and work.


What are you working on right now?

I'm assuming you mean musically so. I'm working on re-working some older songs, considering different approaches for them. Some were previously recorded, some just demos. Most of them have been in rotation for live shows for many years on and off. I'm paring down my big band back to a 4 man outfit hoping that will help breathe some new life into things.

What’s surprisingly easy about it?


What’s frustrating/harder than you thought it would be?

My own musical skill shortfalls. I feel like no matter how much I practice I don't get any better. There are also a lot of other things in my life needing my attention. Creativity to do what I'm trying to do requires a type of focus that I'm having a hard time accessing these days. Its also just as much of a challenge to bandlead 3 people as it is 7. I'm lucky that the folks that are willing to play with me are talented and kind.

What project/album from your back catalog is the most relevant today?

Well... I have no idea. I'd say the latest one (Track You Down).  It's the most relevant to me and even though the songs are "personal," they are relevant to anyone in any situation. Or at least that's what I think. It's hard for me to analyze because I'm on the inside of it.

What’s next?

Music is a snowball rolling down a hill (for me). There's no "next." It keeps going and I try to hang on. Maybe next is to make another album. But in a lot of ways that seems obsolete. Whatever is next, it will reveal itself to me when the time comes. I'm just going to keep my head down and keep working.

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