Five Questions with Iain Matthews

The music business as we know it is changing in fundamental ways. This is the newest installment in a regular series of short conversations with musicians about their lives and work.


What are you working on right now?

I have a new Matthews Southern Comfort album "Like a Radio" ready for a January 17th release. I decided to hedge my bets this time around and finally become a heritage act. I'll go with my legacy and consider myself a lucky boy to have one.

What’s surprisingly easy about it?

Songwriting and the entire recording process are easy these days. Low budget, high quality and good people to work with.

What’s frustrating/harder than you thought it would be?

Nothing that comes to mind. Everything from funding, to label, to bookers all are falling nicely into place. Makes for a pleasant change of pace.

What project/album from your back catalog is the most relevant today?

People seem to still relate more to the early work. Fairport, MSC, Plainsong. Tho' I consider my more recent work far more relevant if we're talking about growth and content. Never quite seems to work that way tho'.

What’s next?

I had a 3 week solo US, east coast tour in September, followed by some intense rehearsals for the October/ December MSC dates. We have an entire repertoire to learn. Wish me luck. Next year I imagine will be mostly MSC.

You can learn more about Iain and all his interesting projects at his website.

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