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11th May 2006 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Drunk guys are so awesome

What a glamorous rock and roll lifestyle I’m leading here in Austin. Last night I went and got a noodle bowl, read my VI Warshawski mystery and went to bed. I will probably kick myself for not seeing James Brown, but I didn’t want to drive and park and then drive back late and park again and frankly it’s kind of tiring being a single woman in a bar. Not because I’m REALLY, REALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING, as Zoolander would say, but just because drunk guys are the way drunk guys are. I walked across the street to the (wonderful old) Continental Club the other night and was trying to discreetly kick back and listen to the music when some Teva-clad pony-tailed guy plopped down next to me and slid his hand into mine (which was resting at that moment on my thigh). I took my hand away and he said, “Don’t worry! I’m just really, really drunk.” I said, “I’m not worried, I’m just trying to listen to the band,” and turned my attention back to the stage, but then he kept sitting there and it was uncomfortable and…I’m probably just way too uptight about this kind of stuff. I watched three other women dance with the guy and he seemed pretty mellow. But it’s just easier when you’re out with a friend.

So! More bass parts from Wheat Bailey today and then Mark and I will dig in and work on the structure of a new song called “Girl on the Side.” I CAN’T WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR WHAT WE’RE DOING!!!

9th May 2006 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Rock and Roll Funkville

If yesterday was mellow folksinger day, today was ROCK AND ROLL FUNKVILLE. Dave “Snizz” Robinson killed on drums and Wheat Bailey provided Funk Brothers bass on “Dear Dana,” “Girl in the Boy’s Room,” “Wild Child” and “Beautiful Tree.” This is so much fun!