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26th Mar 2012 Posted in: Video Comments Off on “Man or Muppet” demolished with love by Tom Corbett and Rain Perry

From the most recent Secret Supper, Academy Awards Edition, Rain and Tom don’t let a broken string deter them from embracing the Oscar-winning song with gusto.

29th Apr 2011 Posted in: Video Comments Off on Better TV

22nd May 2010 Posted in: Video Comments Off on “Beautiful Tree” at Milligan Center for the Arts, Thacher School

12th Nov 2009 Posted in: Blog, Momhood, Road Diaries Comments Off on Joy (As Experienced At The FAR-West Music Conference Last Weekend)

It’s a physical thing: kind of down my throat and around my chest. It’s a profoundly satisfied, joyous, relaxed-yet-energized feeling. There’s humor to it. I feel funnier than usual and pretty and worthy and kind of badass. It happens most often in rehearsal, or, as it did this weekend, at a late night jam. (more…)