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11th Feb 2008 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Backstage with Danny B. Harvey

Backstage on opening night w/ Danny.

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27th Apr 2007 Posted in: Blog, Momhood Comments Off on So…never mind about SXSW. Let’s talk about Disneyland!

My last post was March 21st, and I promised lots of SXSW lowdown. But does anyone care anymore about my sharp cultural observations (as if they did before)? I want to live in the now.


Here are teeniest little ducks that my daughter Stella spotted in the “ocean” at Disney’s California Adventure. They were literally the size of a walnut.

Here’s a picture of the choir at the recording session for Julie Christensen’s killer song “Rapture Index=0,” from her new album. What a rockin’ song, and it’s going to be a great, very political album.

And, finally, here’s a group shot of the fabulous “Repeat Offenders: Dirty Girls Come Clean” show at Theater 150.

12th May 2006 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1

Hey, folks – back at home in Ojai, my ten-minute play “That Little Red” will debut as part of Theater 150’s Ten-Minute Play Festival. Please visit or for more info!