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10th Apr 2014 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Song Game Gains Steam

Hello there – okay, April 6th was the fourth Song Game of the year, and it was as fun and inspiring as ever. The crowd was a little bigger than last time, and the feedback was just sooo positive. Hearing a batch of unique, freshly-minted songs is special. It always surprises me the range of songs that can come from the same prompts. We had Motown-esque love songs, an Irish Tall Tale, a song about the F-Word, all from the minds of our brilliant songwriters Shelby Figueroa, James Graham, Jim Lashly, Eda Maxym (and me)!

Next month, the Song Game will be on May 4, and these are the prompts we are working with: “red sky at night” and “enlightening you.”

And here are the rest of the ideas the audience came up with, which the songwriters are free to use for extra credit…

mental illness

to the moon and back

i have no one to pass it to

stand up and do what you promised

someone let the donkeys out

close call – wrong number

consider me gone

i’m remaining available

all that glitters

lost in the ruin

gently fold in the egg whites

god at the speed of light

switch it up

you only live twice

give it to the taxman

The next Song Game is on May 4. Come join the fun!



10th Mar 2014 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Song Game rocks!

song game

That is what a bunch of happy songwriters look like! As one attendee said, “Something truly magical about hearing a song live for the first time — can’t explain, you just have to see it (and hear it) take wing for yourself.”

Alrighty! The next Game is on April 6th, and the prompts will be “Do not enter – wrong way” and “only you.”

Here are the rest of the awesome ideas our audience threw into the hat:

You’re aces with me

Divine intervention

dawning realization

god at the speed of light

walking backwards

elemental my dear

kiss my frog

jupiter and mars

walking through time

get your mojo on

she/he was just temporary


Now remember, the songwriters have to write two songs. But if they want to, they are welcome to write from any of the other prompts too.

Come to Kim Maxwell Studio on April 6th and find out how much fun we’re having!



26th Feb 2014 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Song Game moved to SECOND Sunday in March

Why? Because I don’t mind missing the Superbowl, but I cannot miss the Oscars. Come join us March 9th! Click here for details.

3rd Feb 2014 Posted in: Blog, Song Class Comments Off on Song Game #2

song game

Another super fun Song Game last night. I know we had more fun than all the Broncos fans did! Thank you to the small but hearty audience who sought out a Superbowl alternative and joined us.

So…the audience once again gave us a bunch of phrases to choose from for the next edition. The prompts I drew were “couldn’t win for losing” and “armchair psychology.” So please join us on March 2nd when these two phrases become another batch of brand new songs!

As always, the songwriters have to write one song for each of the prompts. But if they want, they can pull from the rest of the ideas and write more songs. So here is the full list of phrases from last night:

class reunion

looking bird out my window

long in the tooth

ice cream truck

here and now

into the absurd

The Song Game is on the first Sunday of every month at Kim Maxwell Studio. The roster rotates, so you never know who you might see!

19th Jan 2014 Posted in: Rain Perry Comments Off on Song Game (alternate prompts)

Alrighty, better late than never…here are the rest of the prompts that the audience assigned at the first Song Game! Again, the songwriters have to write a song each containing the prompts I drew from the bag, but if they want to write more from this list, they are more than welcome!

Thanks again to the enthusiastic audience! We’re off to a great start!

The next Song Game is on February 2nd (Superbowl Sunday!) and will feature Donna Lynn Caskey, James Graham, Rain Perry, John Slade and JB White. The two prompts are “marking time” and “expiration date.” The phrase must be in the song verbatim, but it doesn’t have to be the title.

The rest of the prompts are… (more…)