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4th Dec 2006 Posted in: Blog, Rain Perry Comments Off on Sexy Sara Hickman

There is no personal financial benefit to producing concerts at a tiny theater for traveling troubadour musicians, but there are other less tangible rewards, which were in evidence Saturday night when, after the Sara Hickman concert at Theater 150, I stayed up until nearly 2:00 am talking about sex with Sara and Kristin DeWitt! I will not reveal what was said, except that there

was some discussion of Kraft marshmallow creme, and that I see Jack Black in a slightly different light than I did before…

All that aside, it was a really great show. Thank you, Sara & Kristin, for coming up to our little theater, and thanks to the full house that came to see them, and thanks to Dirk and Matt for the killer sound!

4th Sep 2006 Posted in: Blog, Momhood, Road Diaries Comments Off on Not driving the family insane.

I’ve been home from Austin for a couple of days and am doing a good job of not driving my family insane (“Omigod, it was so fun! I said this, and Mark said this, and then Andy made this joke about Spinal Tap and at night I went to this awesome restaurant, and saw this band, and…”)

What I have been talking about is how profoundly grateful I am to have found my way to Congress House, and how thrilled I am with how good the album is sounding and with the stellar collection of players and special guests. And, most of all, I’m telling how much I appreciate Mark Hallman. He’s putting his heart into my project (which I think is the only way he’s capable of working, since he has so much heart). Thank you, thank you.

So…here’s a list of the awesome folks who are making special appearances on the record: Perla Batalla, Julie Christensen, Sara Hickman, Eliza Gilkyson, Victoria Williams and Andrew Hardin. I don’t know when this album will come out – it depends on how soon I can get a publisher for the book and whether I end up releasing it on my own label (Precipitous Records) or try to make a deal with a smallish indie label. So stay tuned…


19th Jun 2006 Posted in: Blog, Momhood Comments Off on Sara Hickman in flippers

Here is a picture from a few months ago, but it’s so cute I had to post it now.

This is Sara Hickman, in flippers, and my friend Pam Schubert bringing breakfast in bed before Sara sang (and I got to sing backup) for a lovely remembrance service for Pam and Dirk Schubert’s friend. Few people could pull off flippers, but Sara looks dashing.

9th May 2006 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 4

Flew into Austin late last night and rented a LOVELY gold Chevy Pacifica. No car ever said “Rental” more than this one. To Congress House (see pix) today to start recording the album with Mark Hallman. He’s been mocking up tracks and we’ve been hashing it out via email for a few weeks. It feels good to get in the actual studio. What a cool studio. It oozes creative vibes from all the wonderful albums that have been cut there – like a who’s who of my own record collection. Tom Russell, Eliza Gilkyson, Sara Hickman, Ani DiFranco have all recorded here. There’s a picture of Tom and Andrew Hardin smiling with Nanci Griffith, and I was thrilled when I realized that that picture was taken on the day they recorded my song “Yosemite.”

Congress House Studio

Sara Hickman came (and brought chocolate chip banana bread – now, that’s the way to record an album!) and laid down a perfect guitar track for the song “Thank You.” I picked her for this song because she’s the gratitude queen. I’ve never met anyone who exuded such gratitude for life’s joys, large and small. Plus I’m just incredibly grateful to her for her willingness to share her friendship and expertise with me. Thank you, Sara.

Mark Hallman is a trip. Funny and real and very talented. I’m so glad I came here! I’ve never seen anyone zoom around Protools (the recording software) so quickly. And he plays every instrument. On our first day working together in person, we quickly got into a groove and powered through the basic structure of four (count ’em) songs. He was flexible and patient as I tried awkwardly to explain what I was trying to achieve. And his young assistant Ned is solid as a rock.

That said, it’s daunting, when you’ve been working on a project as long as I’ve been working on this one, to finally be laying down tracks. Of all the possibilities I’ve heard in my head over the past few years, I now have to articulate exactly what I want on the final product. Don’t get me wrong – it’s wonderful – but it’s kind of scary too. What if I’m wrong?

And another thing hit me today. No two guitar players ever play alike, and the new versions with Mark or Sara playing them were naturally different from the demos I recorded awhile back. Change, no matter how positive, is always challenging, but it finally hit me this afternoon that one of the reasons I was having trouble is this: recording new versions means letting go of the old versions, and the old versions were recorded by Jonathan Raffetto. And so I have to say goodbye to Jonathan all over again, which is hard and sad. So at one point this afternoon I took a quiet breath and thanked Jonathan for his contribution to this project, and opened my heart to the new process I’m in now. It won’t be the last time his death blindsides me.

I’m going to take pictures of the studio. It’s really groovy. But I don’t have my card scanner with me, so I’ll post them when I get home.

More soon!