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24th Jan 2011 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1
Getting ready to blog for real, and thank you Liz Tigelaar.

Hi. I’m Rain Perry, writer of the song “Beautiful Tree,” theme for the beloved and unfairly cancelled show Life Unexpected.

I’ve been frittering around for awhile with the idea of starting a video blog about my life as a singer-songwriter/mom. So I’ve been researching Flip Cameras vs. Bloggies, learning about three-point lighting systems, watching Natalie Tran and Amanda and iJustine and What the Buck and Nigahiga, researching The Pioneer Woman and Rechelle (the anti-Pioneer Woman),and – always – obsessing over my most favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan.

But Life Unexpected ended this week, and it occurred to me that I could get the technical stuff together later. (more…)

20th Sep 2010 Posted in: Blog, Momhood, Road Diaries Comments Off on Inside Life Unexpected – My Adventure in TV Land
Inside Life Unexpected - My Adventure in TV Land

So, my husband and I were looking for something special to do for our anniversary.

“Hey, guess what! Los Lobos is playing in Vancouver that weekend!” My husband is pretty much a fanatic, and I’m close. Also, we knew that Life Unexpected is shot there. Maybe we could go by the set. I email LUX creator Liz Tigelaar to tell her we are coming to town and see if there is any chance we can come say hi.  She says definitely yes.

Oh, fun!

Then a couple of days later I learn about an unbelievable coincidence. It turns out they are planning to shoot a music festival sequence right around that weekend but aren’t sure exactly which days, and do I already have my flight booked? Would I be willing to adjust my travel plans so I can appear on the show? (more…)