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1st Jan 2011 Posted in: Stuff People Have Published About Me Comments Off on Sing Out!
Sing Out!

22nd Sep 2010 Posted in: Blog, Momhood Comments Off on Yep: Internal Combustion by Rain Perry is out today!

It’s finally here, the day I’ve worked the last two years to reach: the official release date of my new album Internal Combustion. It’s been on my calendar – a glowing, pulsing deadline – with hundreds of “next actions” on my lists that had to be done in order to get here – and it’s here! Fireworks seem appropriate! Bouquets of flowers!  Massive checks arriving by FedEx!

But…you know what? I spent most of the day in my pajamas, filing the massive stack in my office, emptying my email inbox, stuffing a few CDs in mailers. All the work comes before this. The writing of the songs, the negotiating with the family for travel time, the wonderful time in Austin with Mark working on the record, the back and forth of the mixing and the graphic design, the new website, the new email service, the occasional freaking out by me and the shoring up by my husband, the hiring of the publicist and the radio promoter, the submitting to iTunes and Amazon and CD Baby. The urgent last-minute trip to Indiana to mail the CDs to the radio in time. The millions of emails alerting the world that the CD is coming. All done. Now it’s out into the world and there is nothing to do but…let it go. It will get played or it won’t get played. People will buy it or they won’t. I’ve worked with the most awesome people, I’ve done the best job I could, and now it’s done. Phew.

16th Aug 2010 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Internal Combustion – Radio silence before launch

You know that thing that always happens in movies about astronauts…those few minutes of radio silence where you don’t know if the craft has made it safely back into the Earth’s atmosphere, and it’s really nerve-wracking?

That’s kind of how I feel as I rely on all the systems I’ve deployed to get my new album squared away.

Songs finished? Check.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Hallman? Check.
Graphic Design by Brian Turner? Check.
All music and art files to Groove House, the manufacturer? Check.
Shore Fire (the PR team) working away on the album release? Check.
Radio promotion on schedule? Check.
New website finished by Cory Ann at Dandyline Designs? Check.
Concert booking completed for Fall and Spring? Uh…working on it!
Asked fans to spread the word about the album?  Well, would you mind?

And now…I wait. I’ve picked the best people I could afford, and they are expertly doing their jobs. So now…the mission will be successful or it won’t, and there’s nothing else I can do.

Ehhhhh….the waiting….they say it’s the hardest part.

24th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1
There will be lots more here soon about proper pronunciation in Austin, the new (COOL, if I do say so myself) album, the Glen Ballard effect and every other thing, but for the moment, all I want to say is: Mark Hallman. Yeah!

19th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Internal Combustion combusts!
Day Three: Andrew Hardin has kicked ass and is smiling. Yes!

A lovely dinner with the Hallmans and their super-nice friends. Then to Evangeline’s to see Danny, who rocks. Holy mackerel!