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22nd Oct 2013 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Off to Austin…meow!!


I’m heading off to Austin tomorrow morning for MEOW CON (also known as Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women Conference). I’m excited! I’ll be showcasing, paneling (“Licensing for Film and TV,” “Songwriting: Beyond the Love Song”), volunteering and sitting in with a few friends. FUN!

Did I mention I have a super hot band? My esteemed producer, Mr. Mark Hallman, has put together a kick-ass ensemble and we will ROCK you on Saturday at 6 pm in Rio Grande B.

Get ready, Texas! The women are comin’ atcha!

21st Aug 2012 Posted in: Blog 1

As anyone who has any online connection to me knows only too well, I just ran a  Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for my new album.

(And as soon as I’m done with this post, I’m headed to an undisclosed location to finish a few more songs I’ve been working on. Nothing like a deadline to get me motivated.)

Alright! Before I tell you about Disneyland, here’s an update on the Kickstarter premiums. I’ve got four scarves knitted and am almost done with the fifth, with six to go. (Knitting is the perfect Daily Show activity.) I’ve got a baking party scheduled for August 29th. (Thank you Michael Mariani, Kay Giles, Jane Handel & Sasha Heslip for spontaneously volunteering Kitchenaid mixers and baking assistance.)

Okay! So, last week, I had a blast fulfilling the first of the big premiums: Disneyland, baby! I know everyone doesn’t love Disneyland, but I really do. Not in an obsessed pin-collecting way, just in an appreciation of the imagination and creativity on display, as well as of the Fascist efficiency with which everything is run.

Here is the lovely couple – Claire and Kyle – with whom I had the pleasure of launching a no-holds-barred assault upon the Happiest Place on Earth!

The Kickstarter premium was for a Nightmare Between Halloween and Christmas blowout, but the generous person who purchased the premium gave it as a summer getaway to her daughter.

So instead of embracing creepiness, my friend Megan Bergkvist and I spent a day in the summer sun running for Fast Passes and guiding the lucky couple the quickest way through both parks. I was afraid it would be jammed, but it was one of those charmed days where the park is surprisingly not that full and we went on everything. It’s so satisfying to go on the wet rides when you are really hot. My usual strategy of going to Disneyland on a cold Wednesday in February doesn’t allow for this.

Not to brag, but I know where the cameras are on the rides, see?

But I’m not as cool as these guys. I don’t know who they were, but I had to show them to you because they were so awesome.

Happy couple again…see how they are able to stand alone? Not that crowded!

Okay…here’s something really weird. Along with the new Cars Land and reworking the entrance to more accurately depict the way California looked when Walt Disney came here, they’ve added a new attraction in California Adventure. It’s the “Mad T Party.”

Yep, not content to co-opt Hip-Hop on the Disney Channel, WDC has embraced the culture of Ke$ha and offers a nightly RAVE in a back alley of their Hollywood Boulevard.

“Inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland,” complete with a Cheshire Cat MC and a grungy looking Alice on backup vocals and a bar that sells a “Drink Me” cocktail.

Here’s an official photo of the band:

This is really strange, right?

In the candy store in down the block they were selling neon colored cookie bites that seriously looked like they might be dosed with Ecstasy and Cheshire Cat lollipops to, apparently, keep your mouth from drying out. I mean, really, WTF? I thought it was so weird, and that’s before I spotted the “Goth Goodness” candy corn. I know Disney culture can be strange and dark (and that’s one reason I like it), but this was pretty crazy!

Okay, so anyway, we ended up going  down our own rabbit hole when we took the Monorail to Downtown Disney for dinner and a cocktail. Sitting at the outside bar, our attention was drawn to a mesmerizing couple – a blonde with smeared black eye makeup in an extremely short quasi-Alice in Wonderland dress and her girlfriend who was kind of Walrus-like. I’m not going to say too much about it because I might have to incorporate them into a song, but I’ll just tell you that a table was tipped over and there were tears and it was all very, very dramatic. And then, we looked over at the next table and saw this.

Do you see it? Just above Megan’s hand. The ladies will know, because there’s only one sticker shaped like that.

Yes, someone patted that guy’s back and stuck upon it the protective sanitary sticker from a new bathing suit. These are the little moments that make a day at Disneyland so entertaining.

Alright! One Kickstarter reward down, 137 to go! This coming Saturday: the Steve Nicolaides cinematic adventure! Because I’m flexible and so are my lovely donors, it has evolved from a Search and Rescue themed narrative to a bizarro “down the rabbit hole” luncheon. More soon.



Oh, and P.S.: the Kickstarter is over, but if this post inspires you to commission me to take YOU to Disneyland, I’m totally willing to talk.


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Cannot WAIT to get to Austin in October and get to work with this guy

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark…

3rd Jun 2011 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Awesome Josh Brolin short I saw at the Alamo Drafthouse

I’m so excited to post this. I saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse on S. Lamar in Austin and just found it on YouTube. This is not a review so much as an appreciation:

24th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1
There will be lots more here soon about proper pronunciation in Austin, the new (COOL, if I do say so myself) album, the Glen Ballard effect and every other thing, but for the moment, all I want to say is: Mark Hallman. Yeah!