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Super Secret Kickstarter Massive Appreciation Page!


As you know, I postponed the release of “Men” until August, but that seems way too long to keep asking you guys to wait to hear the record you so generously helped to fund. I can’t send you your CDs or downloads cards yet – even though I have them – because I can’t have the album out in the world very long before the official release date.

But I am so proud of this record and so grateful to you for helping launch it, and I want you to hear it!!!

So I created this special secret page for you.

Here is the new album for you to listen to – four months before anyone else.

You have already demonstrated your support of the independent artist by pledging to the Kickstarter in the first place, but I have to request, please…if you are super computer savvy and know how to rip these tracks and spread them all over the internet, please don’t! This is just for you.

By now, with the exception of just a few extremely patient folks (Tom & Sally, Sharon, John, Susan, Robert, Margo, Jeanne, Marcela and Eda) you should all have received your food, your experience, AND your Secret Supper Cookbook. If this is NOT the case, please alert me immediately.

You will be getting your download as a download card, or your special CD package, this July. But for now…drumroll please…here is (are?):


(You can read the liner notes by clicking here.)


Get in the Car



One of Those Days (with Matt the Electrician)

Happily Ever After

Photonegative of Love


Then Came Lo Mein

Big Train

Let’s Do Something Wrong