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MEN – Lee Zimmerman’s review in No Depression
30th Sep 2013 Posted in: Stuff People Have Published About Me Comments Off on MEN – Lee Zimmerman’s review in No Depression

Rain Perry’s honed her talents well over the past few years, releasing four exemplary albums while still managing to maintain a presence that sadly lingers well below the radar. Her latest, auspiciously entitled Men, affirms those talents, and the presence of producer Mark Hallman further assures the fact that recognition will finally be accorded any day now. Or at least it ought to be. From the first effusive notes of “Get in the Car,” Perry procures a buoyant pop style that blends well with her sturdily crafted singer/songwriter stance. She exudes the requisite sensitivity required by songs like “Done,” but she never falls into the mopey melancholia exuded by her less able contemporaries. Mallman’s production helps keep things on an upward spiral, and even her most despondent moments retain an aura of resolve and resilience. “Umami” is an ideal example; whereas the basic tone boasts a stealth-like stance, the feisty pulse prevents the proceedings from falling into a lethargic haze. Likewise, contributions from such stellar players as Matt the Electrician, Sara Hickman, Scrappy Jud Newcomb and others help maintain the studio sheen, even though it’s also clear that it’s Perry’s purposeful approach that instills the inspiration. “You are a wreck today, shaky and sad,” Matt sings on the soothing duet, “One of Those Days,” but given the evidence presented herein, the truth is you’d never know that at all.

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