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Alternate Root
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Angular guitar notes and razor sharp chords start “Get in the Car”, the lead track from Men, the latest Rain Perry album. The song picks up speed as it takes the quickest highway route out to the glory of the desert; feeling the heat and the burn from breathing in the hot air. Rain Perry songs are, at times, poetic (“Atlas”), folk country (“One of Those Days”), orchestral (“Photonegative of Love”) and always seem personal (“Done”). Her words are dipped in heart ink, keeping the stories familiar. Rain is our inner voice, parcelling out the issues in our lives with one line phrases that move the clouds of doubt away so that action can thrive.

Men delivers a ten-song storybook of what has worked well in the life of the author. Rain’s voice coaxes and pulls along as she teases with a countdown and searches for satisfaction in “Umami”, and she traces a line between now and the future in “Happily Ever After”, letting the good feeling from a hug stretch to sitting on a front porch in old age. Rain Perry uses Folk Rock to create her song foundations. Her website features her music, and expands on her art with stage work, reviews of her book, Cinderblock Bookshelves: A Guide for Children of Fame-Obsessed Bohemian Nomads, and her views on life outside of the song. Rain’s tune, “Beautiful Tree”, is the theme for the CW Series Life Unexpected.
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