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song game

Another super fun Song Game last night. I know we had more fun than all the Broncos fans did! Thank you to the small but hearty audience who sought out a Superbowl alternative and joined us.

So…the audience once again gave us a bunch of phrases to choose from for the next edition. The prompts I drew were “couldn’t win for losing” and “armchair psychology.” So please join us on March 2nd when these two phrases become another batch of brand new songs!

As always, the songwriters have to write one song for each of the prompts. But if they want, they can pull from the rest of the ideas and write more songs. So here is the full list of phrases from last night:

class reunion

looking bird out my window

long in the tooth

ice cream truck

here and now

into the absurd

The Song Game is on the first Sunday of every month at Kim Maxwell Studio. The roster rotates, so you never know who you might see!

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breakfast in bed

geometric capers


heroic hairstyling




in the car en route to Staples Center


Pre-show ceremony


VIP entrance


entering the red carpet


Giulana’s butt


Sharon Osbourne & someone tall


John Legend and his fiancee


my VIPs


Me ‘n’ Willie ‘n’ Kris


Me getting photobombed by some guy as a flash goes off


P!nk flying


Grammy wedding


glamorous and starving!


Last pics of the evening – back at the hotel




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Alrighty, better late than never…here are the rest of the prompts that the audience assigned at the first Song Game! Again, the songwriters have to write a song each containing the prompts I drew from the bag, but if they want to write more from this list, they are more than welcome!

Thanks again to the enthusiastic audience! We’re off to a great start!

The next Song Game is on February 2nd (Superbowl Sunday!) and will feature Donna Lynn Caskey, James Graham, Rain Perry, John Slade and JB White. The two prompts are “marking time” and “expiration date.” The phrase must be in the song verbatim, but it doesn’t have to be the title.

The rest of the prompts are… (more…)

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We had a great time at the inaugural First Sunday Song Game! Five songwriters – me, JB White, Donna Lynn Caskey, James Graham and Eda Maxym – all performed brand new songs. I assigned them this time, and the phrases everyone had to include in their songs were “he’s back” and “complete with flaws.”

The audience gave us our next assignment. We have to write two songs incorporating each of these phrases: “marking time” and “expiration date.”

The next Song Game will be on Superbowl Sunday – February 2nd – at 7 pm. If you don’t care about the game, come on down! If you do care about the game – maybe by 7 pm it will be over and you can still come on down.

See you next month!


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…because I’m actually listening! I’m voting this year, MFers, and I’m doing my job and listening to everything while I make Christmas cookies.

So – without breaking the rules and revealing my votes – here is my Christmas cookie-scented Grammy Awards BLOW BY BLOW. I may not have much effect on the actual turnout but at least that effect will be ethically awesome.

Note. This is the Grammys. I’m not going to waste energy bemoaning its commercialization. I’m just going to judge these artists and songs as pop hits. And also: no GAGA anywhere this time! Weird.

Record of the Year – Okay, Lorde, it’s not possible to see diamonds in the flesh, but despite that I am so happy I actually listened to your song. Here’s to your heartening, ironically nominated anti-fame anthem! But…is it Record of the Year? This category is for production and the two biggest earworms of the year are in it. But I disqualify Robin Thicke for ripping off Marvin Gaye.

Album of the Year – I am listening to every song on every album. Sara Bareilles is really going for the 80′s synth pop sound, which is cool, and the album is lovely, and she’s a skilled writer. But ALBUM OF THE YEAR should be thematically huge and the other entries are.

Despite the  impossible to resist “Get Lucky,” a little Daft Punk goes a long way. But, oh wow, KENDRICK LAMAR, hello. And this is why I’m listening, because (more…)