Singer, Songwriter slash Mom

You can buy my music on  iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby, plus all kinds of other places too, like eMusic and Napster. You can watch lots of videos on YouTube and Vimeo. But you know where you can’t get it? Spotify or any other streaming service. Here’s why. When they figure out how to charge the consumer a decent price and get that money directly to the artist, I’m back in. I’m waiting to see if Garth’s GhostTunes turns out to be a good thing for indies.

Learn all about how this stuff affects actual musicians in my film-in-progress, The Shopkeeper.


Also, we have super-cute t-shirts for sale! This is what they look like. If you want one, email me and I’ll look in the shed to see if we have your size. (You’ll get an extra gift with your order if you can identify the person wearing the shirt in the picture.)