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Sometimes some of my friends are passing through and we host them for a house concert here in Ojai in the backyard or the living room. There's a potluck and then music under the stars while the crickets chirp. It's really fun.

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Folks who have played here:

John Elliot

Charlie Faye

Michael Fracasso and Betty Soo

Nina Gerber and Chris Webster

Eliza Gilkyson

Colin Gilmore

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion

Andrew Hardin and Jeanne Burns

Hat Check Girl

Sara Hickman

Matt the Electrician

Chuck Prophet and Stephanie Finch

The Refugees

Tom Russell

Cosy Sheridan

Jill Sobule


Two disclaimers:

1. These events are not-for-profit and should be considered a hobby. Guests make donations to reserve seats and the money received from these donations goes to the performer(s).

2. We're not curating a real concert series, so I'm afraid we're not accepting submissions from performers. I just invite folks from time to time to play.

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