New series: drop in classes! See below.

Whether you've never written a song in your life or have a drawer full of ideas yearning to breathe free, join Rain for rhyme and inspiration. Jump start your creative process and learn techniques you can trust in a fun, supportive, small-group environment.

New: drop-in classes! Generally I teach class as a series, but sometimes you just need some quick advice. I'm trying a new concept - the drop-in class. If you have lyrics that need tightening, a second verse that won't comply, meter that feels wrong but you can't pinpoint the problem - I'm your gal. Write me at rain [at] for details.

Students say:

I used to write songs and then got too busy -- I wanted to see if I could re-access that particular dreaminess.

Class was absolutely nothing like what I imagined it might be and really grounded me with the importance of structure which I had essentially neglected. If anyone reads this, I can only say “go for it.”

It is a great way to explore one’s creative process and you are a great teacher. And it’s fun, too.

I have been writing songs on and off for many years. I was in the middle of a long stretch without inspiration when I got the message that Rain was offering a beginning song writing class. I thought, "Well, I'm not a beginner but I could use some way to get kick started". Rain's beginning class and the follow-up "recidivists" class really got the creative juices flowing. Based on her suggestions, I wrote good, complete, songs three weeks in a row and stocked up on compost for lots more! She has gathered some great information and techniques that really helped me to open up my creative mind.



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