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3rd Feb 2014 Posted in: Blog, Song Class Comments Off on Song Game #2

song game

Another super fun Song Game last night. I know we had more fun than all the Broncos fans did! Thank you to the small but hearty audience who sought out a Superbowl alternative and joined us.

So…the audience once again gave us a bunch of phrases to choose from for the next edition. The prompts I drew were “couldn’t win for losing” and “armchair psychology.” So please join us on March 2nd when these two phrases become another batch of brand new songs!

As always, the songwriters have to write one song for each of the prompts. But if they want, they can pull from the rest of the ideas and write more songs. So here is the full list of phrases from last night:

class reunion

looking bird out my window

long in the tooth

ice cream truck

here and now

into the absurd

The Song Game is on the first Sunday of every month at Kim Maxwell Studio. The roster rotates, so you never know who you might see!

15th Sep 2012 Posted in: Blog, Song Class Comments Off on Songwriting for Civilians Weekend!

I’m doing it again! After my Rock and Roll Retreat, I’m ready to teach my basic songwriting class again as a weekend seminar. It just seems to work well that way.

I hope you’ll consider joining me! The workshop will run from breakfast through later afternoon both Saturday and Sunday, and will include rock and roll and yummy breakfasts & lunches both days.

If you are coming from out of town, hit me up right away so I can send you links to local lodging.

It’s going to be a blast! Hope you can join us.

5th Jun 2012 Posted in: Blog, Song Class Comments Off on Rock and Roll in the Desert!

The inaugural Rock and Roll Retreat was a blast! Lovely people, delicious food & beverages, hardworking songwriting, Joshua Tree, the Integratron…awesome! Here’s a quick recap:

The food…

the car, packed…

Time to drive out into the 106 degree desert to spend the weekend with these lovely songwriters!

After the first songwriting lesson, here’s dinner the first night…Coconut-pineapple chicken Caesar salad w/ Thai mushroom soup and Thai beer…

And a little jam with dinner!


Next morning, back to work!

Here’s the Oasis of Mara…

Lunch at the Oasis (Turkey sandwiches w/ Pesto & Roasted Red Peppers)

Another afternoon session then on Saturday evening, cocktails at Cap Rock as we reflect on Rock and Roll and Gram Parsons and the beauty of Joshua Tree…

Moonrise from Cap Rock…

Late night, very enthusiastic jam session! I’m tired, so I’m watching from my bed…

The next morning: the lovely Rachel Sedacca, helping pack up!

The Integratron.

Bill taking an art shot of himself.

Lunch as we wait for our Sound Bath.

Group shot pre-Sound Bath:

And after our bodies were relaxed and minds expanded at the same time, we all drove home! It was a great weekend! Thanks, everybody!