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28th May 2011 Posted in: Knitting Comments Off on What can I make with this super-bulky Twinkle yarn?
What can I make with this super-bulky Twinkle yarn?

Help! I bought a lot of this very expensive super-bulky Twinkle yarn last year when I was in Austin, and I tried making one of Wenlan Chia’s sweaters, and it came out terrible. So I un-knit and I am now making a very nice belted sweater with the yarn, but the thing is that it’s so bulky that it’s going to feel like wearing a felt bulletin board.

What should I do? What would you do with ten skeins of beautiful, expensive lavender yarn that you bought to make something for yourself because you’d been knitting for other people and wanted to treat yourself but now you’re getting exasperated?


21st Apr 2008 Posted in: Knitting Comments Off on Knitting is so punk rock.


The emails I get from the yarn store (Particularly “That Yarn Store” in Eagle Rock) are so like the emails I get from or the Folk Alliance. The same DIY ethic, the same sense of community, the same vibe of respectful competition to come up with cool, unusual ideas – and particularly the idea that you are doing something timeless, something a little weird, something tactile in an increasingly technical world. Every time I’m knitting in public, someone comes up and asks what I’m making, then tells me about their project or their memories of the afghan their grandmother made them. It’s very, very cool.