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That’s what she said (in the recording studio)!
7th Sep 2011 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on That’s what she said (in the recording studio)!

That’s what she said, that’s for sure!

I was filing in my office and found this list I made when we were mixing my first album. Musicians are so mature.

So for your daily dose of  juvenile humor…THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID IN THE RECORDING STUDIO:

Make the organ swell. Okay, leave it that way.

It’s not really fulfilling to just sit there and watch.

Why is the organ going in and out?

It’s just really gotta be on it. It’s just really gotta hammer it.

Well! I just put that in the wrong place.

That is a big thing.

It doesn’t feel squished.

Alright, I’ll just smash it more.

What about a slight bit of fancy on it so it so it pushes out?

I have toys designed specifically for that kind of thing.

The feel is guaranteed to be what it is because it’s such a long shape.

This is a personal favorite activity of mine.

That thing is a behemoth!

I think you could squeeze just a little more out of it.

I’m assuming it feels different than it did?

Yes, much better.

It’s good. Now the organ – at the end – has to come out.

Sorry that we’re having to do this.