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OMGuitar turns me into the Stephen Hawking of Guitarists
26th May 2011 Posted in: Arthritis, Blog 1
OMGuitar turns me into the Stephen Hawking of Guitarists

This came yesterday. I’ll tell you what it means after the pictures.

Okay, I got an iPad. Though of course I was coveting them, but I did not need one. Then I stumbled on a review of this app. It’s a guitar app – not an interface, but an instrument itself – that is designed to be played kind of like an Autoharp. What that means to me is that my fingers don’t have to bend to play. And what that means is that for the first time in 23 years, I’m now able to “play” the guitar again. It’s a little overwhelming.

I’ve been waiting every day for FedEx to bring the package. I’ve been imagining in my head how I’d play each one of my songs. I got the iPad yesterday and immediately got the app loaded and tried it. It’s a little daunting learning a new instrument after all this time, and I quickly realized that though my ability to play the guitar as a kid will help a lot, playing on a touch screen is very different from playing a guitar. It’s got some quirks. And…I haven’t been playing! My songwriting has surpassed my musicianship. I mean, I write things in my head that require better players than I to pull off.

But. I can strum this. I really can! It’s hard to explain how good that feels. So as I launch the video portion of this blog over the next few weeks, you will be seeing this strange little instrument and a very, very happy girl.