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Getting ready to blog for real, and thank you Liz Tigelaar.
24th Jan 2011 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1
Getting ready to blog for real, and thank you Liz Tigelaar.

Hi. I’m Rain Perry, writer of the song “Beautiful Tree,” theme for the beloved and unfairly cancelled show Life Unexpected.

I’ve been frittering around for awhile with the idea of starting a video blog about my life as a singer-songwriter/mom. So I’ve been researching Flip Cameras vs. Bloggies, learning about three-point lighting systems, watching Natalie Tran and Amanda and iJustine and What the Buck and Nigahiga, researching The Pioneer Woman and Rechelle (the anti-Pioneer Woman),and – always – obsessing over my most favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan.

But Life Unexpected ended this week, and it occurred to me that I could get the technical stuff together later. The LUX cast and crew are currently posting their sadness and gratitude on Facebook and Twitter, so it seemed appropriate to put in my two cents too. So I imported the archives of my old blog (for context) and am starting fresh on WordPress TODAY.

Being an independent musician is a lot like fishing. You try this bait and that bait. You try this cove and that stream, all in the hope that something you do will attract some attention. Much of the time you feel you are slogging away like this. But once in awhile you get lucky, as I was almost exactly a year ago when I learned that my song had been chosen for the show.

I would have been happy for a placement on any show, believe me. But Life Unexpected is special. Sure, everyone looks fabulous (it is TV), but right from the start it was clear that there was an unusual level of honesty and humanness.

In the week before the first episode aired, I quickly shot and uploaded a music video to YouTube, because I didn’t have one yet. Even as I did it, I felt kind of silly, since there is absolutely no way I can compete with Ke$ha or Shakira

At first, the comments were what I expected – along the lines of “Who is this chick? She looks like a soccer mom.” But as the year progressed, the response was so heartening and sweet, it was almost overwhelming. Folks from all over the world said things like “I love that you seem so normal!” and “Your song makes me think of my own family.” It totally restored my faith in the music business, knowing folks like that are out there and that my job is just to reach them.

But here’s the bottom line. Here’s why the LUX fans are so great: Liz Tigelaar. From the drivers in Vancouver to the many fans on Facebook, everyone loves Liz because she makes them feel valued. She must be tough as nails to have actually gotten a show green-lighted and produced for two seasons, but it’s hard to imagine because everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of goofy love in her wake.

I posted on her Facebook yesterday, but I thought – since much of the attention that’s come my way this year I owe directly to her – that I would start my blog by thanking her (and her great music supervisor) for picking my song.

I’m really grateful, Liz, and I wish you all the best. I know I – along with all the legions of passionate fans you’ve touched around the world – will be cheering you on, waiting to see what you do next.