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Congress House All Stars (Day 3)
3rd Aug 2014 Posted in: Blog, shopkeeper Comments Off on Congress House All Stars (Day 3)

Welcome to Day 3 of the Indiegogo Campaign for The Shopkeeper: A Documentary about Mark Hallman and the Congress House. Every day during the campaign I am featuring a few artists who have recorded at the Congress House.

(And don’t forget: your free download of my version of “Angel From Montgomery” is here.)(But also: from here on out, the cover songs I do are only for people who pledge to the campaign.)(But! You can pledge for $1.)

And at the bottom of the post is the daily thank you note to the lovely people who have pledged so far!

 Okay! Here we go.

Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler is known by devoted jam band fans but to the general public it’s all about “Runaround” and “Hook.” That’s a quandary. You want to be famous but you’d kind of like it to be for what you do best. On the other hand, it’s awesome when people know all the words to your song:



P.S. Psst…Blues Traveler has been in the Congress House this summer!

Jake Andrews

An Austin kid, Jake Andrews was a young prodigy, appearing with people like Jimmie Vaughan, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Here he is at age 10 with Albert Collins.


A nine-person ensemble with roots in Hindustani classicism, Iranian bandari music, Spanish flamenco, and French gypsy jazz, Atash has been voted Best World Music Band in Austin for six years in a row. They are super cool. Check them out:


Thank you

These people have pledged to the Indiegogo campaign for The Shopkeeper. Thank you so much.

Sasha Stone
Robin Jacober
JB White
Sonia Nordenson
Charlie Faye
Tamara Bearheart West
Christopher Land
Steve Bennett & Leslie Ogden
Carol Cohen
Len Klaif and Linda Harmon
Jerry Jaz
Michael Shapiro
Anuj Timblo
Laura Timblo
Rachel Luna
Tara Jeffery
Bill Small
Donna Lynn Caskey
Kit Stolz
Jacqueline Hampton
Sue Olson & Michael Jauregui
Robbie Sheppard
Lynne Dobson
Sally Hackel
Loren Knight
Wendy Lockwood
Caryn & Charlie Bosson
Craig Moreau
Bill Giles
John (Prine) Brooks
Leslie Paxton
Jim Churchill
Diana & Tony Luboff
Mike Takahara
Daniel Matthews
Traci David
Tim & Teresa Carpenter
Jennifer Phelps & Richard Niles
Jill and Christopher Borgeson