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Congress House All Stars (Day 8)
8th Aug 2014 Posted in: Blog, shopkeeper Comments Off on Congress House All Stars (Day 8)

It’s Day 8 and we are one week into the Indiegogo Campaign for The Shopkeeper: A Documentary about Mark Hallman and the Congress House. I’m thrilled to report that we are currently at 26% of our goal and will be featured tomorrow in Indiegogo’s newsletter!

Now it’s time to meet a few more artists who have recorded at the Congress House!

Donna Lynn Caskey

Donna Lynn Caskey (aka “Jangles”) (aka the “Banjo Gal”) recorded her debut album Nameless Heart at the Congress House last year. (I’m proud to say I’m the one who introduced Donna Lynn to Mark Hallman.) It’s a beautiful album, which you can check out here.

Donna Lynn will be singing with me on tomorrow’s Cover Song #2, so watch for that.

Here’s her song “Slot Machine,” which the great Julie Christensen recorded on her album Weeds Like Us.


Christy Claxton

Christy Claxton is a Texas music promoter, Austin writer, and Austin community activist.

Here she is!

Shawn Colvin

Another who really needs no introduction, but Wikipedia has some facts I didn’t know. Before the Grammys, before “Nothing On Me” was the theme song for Suddenly Susan, here’s what Shawn Colvin was up to:

“Colvin moved to Austin, Texas and joined a Western swing band called the Dixie Diesels. She then entered “the folk circuit in Illinois and Berkeley”, California[6] before she “strained her voice” singing rock songs and took a sabbatical from singing at the age of 24.[1]

Colvin later moved to New York City, joining the Buddy Miller Band in 1980.[2] When Buddy Miller left the band it became The Shawn Colvin Band.[7] With Buddy gone the band needed a lead guitarist and this led to her meeting John Leventhal.[2] She later becoming involved in the Fast Folk cooperative of Greenwich Village.[8] Over time she became progressively more popular on the new folk circuit and while participating in off-Broadway shows such as Diamond Studs, Pump Boys and Dinettes, and Lie of the Mind.[1] She was featured in Fast Folk magazine, and in 1987, producer Steve Addabbo hired her to sing backup vocals on the song “Luka” by Suzanne Vega.[1][6]

After touring with Suzanne Vega,[6] Colvin was brought to the attention of Columbia Records by Addabbo and signed a recording contract with the label.[1][6] Colvin released her debut album Steady On with her fellow songwriter and co-producer, John Leventhal in 1989. The album won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album and featured backing vocals by Vega.[1] Colvin’s second album Fat City was released in 1992 and received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. The song “I Don’t Know Why” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Female Pop Vocal category.[1] In 1993 she moved back to the city of Austin and in 1994 released the album Cover Girl, a collection of cover songs.[6][9] In 1995 Colvin released her album Live 88 which consisted of live recordings she had made in 1988.[10]”

Here she is on her current tour with Steve Earle:


And here are the names of the lovely people who have pledged so far:

Sasha Stone
Robin Jacober
JB White
Sonia Nordenson 
Charlie Faye
Tamara Bearheart West
Christopher Land
Steve Bennett & Leslie Ogden
Carol Cohen
Michael Shapiro
Len Klaif and Linda Harmon
Jerry Jaz
Anuj Timblo
Laura Timblo
Rachel Luna
Tara Jeffery
Bill Small
Donna Lynn Caskey
Kit Stolz
Jacqueline Hampton
Sue Olson & Michael Jauregui
Robbie Sheppard 
Lynne Dobson
Sally Hackel
Loren Knight
Wendy Lockwood
Caryn & Charlie Bosson
Craig Moreau
Bill Giles
John (Prine) Brooks
Leslie Paxton
Jim Churchill
Diana & Tony Luboff
Mike Takahara
Daniel Matthews
Traci David
Tim & Teresa Carpenter
Jennifer Phelps & Richard Niles
Jill and Christopher Borgeson
Charles Field
Patrick Lashly
Vicki Hafer
Rosa Jones
Julie Christensen
Greg & Kim Kolanowski
Steve Nicolaides
Debra Cummings
Amanda Johnson
Ira Heilveil
Steve Meador
Justine Wynn
Sarah Otterstrom
Kim Stroud
Marcela K. Ibenez
Olivia Slaughter
Elissa Kline
Philip Jackson & Tinisha Stone
Carol Stonesifer
Jackie Clark
Sasha Heslip
Ulf Edlund
Robert Watts
Ryan White
Carla Desantis Black
Willow Van Den Hoek
Christine Denney
Roslyn Demaria
Jim Lashly
Barbara Bartok
Carl Thelander
Linda Livingston