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64 press releases and counting…
14th Jun 2013 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on 64 press releases and counting…


Okay, I have mailed or emailed 64 press releases. In honor of that, here is a highlight reel of the best of Google Translate from previous albums:

This lady really surprised me with a hell of a plate! Mandatory costs for lovers of fine luisterliedjes!– RealRootsCafe (Netherlands)

The album Cinderblock Bookshelves is not the melancholic childbirth that you would expect…Rainy Perry is a veritable asset to the music world! – Kindamusik (Netherlands)

Produced in charge of the Mark Hallman, his recording studio the Congress House of Orth being made…to improve the rating of her saucer, Hallman as a solid job shining! – Hatena::Diary (Japan)

It’s all flour bag Rain Perry, author of sound quality, able to sketch a lumonoso folk rock, experience even a simple ballad for voice and bass, and mess with rhythmic and synth in a demolished gospel song. Cinderblock Bookshelves is also hard to remember small, little showy, but that does not mean that passes unnoticed! – Roots Highway (Italy)