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2 Days and Counting: Cameron Crowe & Carole King
30th Jul 2014 Posted in: Blog, shopkeeper Comments Off on 2 Days and Counting: Cameron Crowe & Carole King

Congress House Alumni #-2: Carole King


Okay, 2 days and counting to the kickoff of the indiegogo campaign for The Shopkeeper, my documentary about Mark Hallman and The Congress House Studio. So here goes a new thing.

I’m making this movie for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that the Congress House is a vortex of amazing artists that every music fan should be aware of. So every day during the campaign, I’m going to introduce you to someone who’s recorded in this legendary studio. It will be kind of like Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District,” except with musicians.

But in the couple of days before I actually start the campaign, I’m going to link to artists Mark worked with before the Congress House: Carole King and Dan Fogelberg.

During the mid-70’s, Mark Hallman was in a band in Boulder, Colorado, called Navarro. In a series of events I’ll be showing in the movie, Navarro became Carole King’s backing band for three albums and tours. So I thought you would enjoy this article by a very young Cameron Crowe, that captures that moment in time in all its mellow glory.

Click here: Carole King and Navarro mellow out