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1 day to launch – Dan Fogelberg & Mark Hallman
31st Jul 2014 Posted in: Blog, shopkeeper Comments Off on 1 day to launch – Dan Fogelberg & Mark Hallman

The Indiegogo campaign for The Shopkeeper, my documentary about Mark Hallman and The Congress House Studio launches tomorrow. Whew! A lot to do to make sure I’m ready.

Throughout the campaign, I’m going to introduce you to someone who’s recorded in the legendary Congress House. (It will be kind of like Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District,” except with musicians.) I’m calling it “Congress House All Stars.”

Since I haven’t launched yet, I’m taking the opportunity to link to artists Mark worked with before the Congress House. Today we will focus on Dan Fogelberg.

During the mid-70’s, Mark Hallman was in a band in Boulder, Colorado, called Navarro. Also living nearby in the mountains at the time was Dan Fogelberg. They knew each other from gigging in town, but Mark later went on to tour with Dan for several years. Hard to picture now, but in those days being a folk-rock musician meant touring on a private jet!

Here’s a video of Dan with some good Mark Hallman footage in it: