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20th Dec 2013 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on I’m an excellent Grammy voter

…because I’m actually listening! I’m voting this year, MFers, and I’m doing my job and listening to everything while I make Christmas cookies.

So – without breaking the rules and revealing my votes – here is my Christmas cookie-scented Grammy Awards BLOW BY BLOW. I may not have much effect on the actual turnout but at least that effect will be ethically awesome.

Note. This is the Grammys. I’m not going to waste energy bemoaning its commercialization. I’m just going to judge these artists and songs as pop hits. And also: no GAGA anywhere this time! Weird.

Record of the Year – Okay, Lorde, it’s not possible to see diamonds in the flesh, but despite that I am so happy I actually listened to your song. Here’s to your heartening, ironically nominated anti-fame anthem! But…is it Record of the Year? This category is for production and the two biggest earworms of the year are in it. But I disqualify Robin Thicke for ripping off Marvin Gaye.

Album of the Year – I am listening to every song on every album. Sara Bareilles is really going for the 80’s synth pop sound, which is cool, and the album is lovely, and she’s a skilled writer. But ALBUM OF THE YEAR should be thematically huge and the other entries are.

Despite the  impossible to resist “Get Lucky,” a little Daft Punk goes a long way. But, oh wow, KENDRICK LAMAR, hello. And this is why I’m listening, because (more…)