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Cannot WAIT to get to Austin in October and get to work with this guy

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark…

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Okay, we’re cooking! The Kickstarter campaign is well past 10% with 25 days to go. Thank you to all my thirty-one supporters so far!

Come check out the awesome premiums and hear more about the project here!

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The inaugural Rock and Roll Retreat was a blast! Lovely people, delicious food & beverages, hardworking songwriting, Joshua Tree, the Integratron…awesome! Here’s a quick recap:

The food…

the car, packed…

Time to drive out into the 106 degree desert to spend the weekend with these lovely songwriters!

After the first songwriting lesson, here’s dinner the first night…Coconut-pineapple chicken Caesar salad w/ Thai mushroom soup and Thai beer…

And a little jam with dinner!


Next morning, back to work!

Here’s the Oasis of Mara…

Lunch at the Oasis (Turkey sandwiches w/ Pesto & Roasted Red Peppers)

Another afternoon session then on Saturday evening, cocktails at Cap Rock as we reflect on Rock and Roll and Gram Parsons and the beauty of Joshua Tree…

Moonrise from Cap Rock…

Late night, very enthusiastic jam session! I’m tired, so I’m watching from my bed…

The next morning: the lovely Rachel Sedacca, helping pack up!

The Integratron.

Bill taking an art shot of himself.

Lunch as we wait for our Sound Bath.

Group shot pre-Sound Bath:

And after our bodies were relaxed and minds expanded at the same time, we all drove home! It was a great weekend! Thanks, everybody!