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8th Feb 2012 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Seven, count ’em, SEVEN songs!

Okay, I was worried as I drove out to the desert that after waiting for months for the time to go away to write I would get there and nothing would happen.

Well, NO! I wrote seven songs! I’m not promising all of them were good, but I wrote ’em…

And I have been writing every day since! Just the jump start I needed.

It took me forever to get out to the 29 Palms Inn, but it was waiting for me with the lights on…

Got into my little room and set up all my stuff.


I love working out there because I can hide in a cool, funky room that reminds me of the places I lived when I was a kid. I can stop by Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods on the way out and if I want, never leave the room:

…except to go for walks around the oasis

and to say hi to the coyotes:

(She’s right in the middle. Kinda hard to see.) Then back to my cave:

…until it’s time to head back into the world, renewed with SEVEN SONGS!