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4th Nov 2011 Posted in: Road Diaries 13

Tour Diary! Whoo!

*My friend Susan just sent me a whole bunch of new pictures, so I have significantly added to the Cambridge, Mass. portion of this post.*

So I just went to the East Coast to do a few shows with Andrew Hardin, a voyage my friend Kim dubbed the Tour de Snark. And she was right!

But before I begin, I would like perform a public service and inform you that the Sheraton Logan Airport, in case you plan to go there, is not at Logan Airport. It’s about 15 miles away, which during rush hour is about 45 minutes away. A travel tip from me.

However, the restaurant in the hotel does Teppan! So after a long day of travel – me from LA and Andy from Austin – we had a pre-band rehearsal dinner with this guy:

Andy took the picture. All the cool Hipstamatic pictures are his.


1st Nov 2011 Posted in: Food, Road Diaries Comments Off on Secret Songwriter Supper: SPOOKY!

Hope you all had a sufficiently spooky Halloween! It was plenty ghoulish around here. I amended my Secret Supper idea to become a secret SONGWRITER supper, cooking and singing on a spooky theme. Mr. JB White was my accompanist, and we ate pumpkin soup with eyeball garnish and sang songs by Elvis Costello, Tori Amos, Conor Oberst and more.

It was so much fun!

Here are pictures. Very soon I will have recordings of the event to share too.

Freshly chopped ladyfingers…