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6th Jun 2011 Posted in: Blog 0
Brand New Libbey Bowl in Ojai!

Well, that was fun! I am honored and thrilled to have helped christen the new Libbey Bowl in Ojai. I sang a couple of songs with Ojai’s best musician Jimmy Calire and then came back for the finale with all the great Ojai musicians, clustered together onstage for a gospel extravaganza. It’s new and improved, but the best thing is that it still feels just like Libbey Bowl!

Thanks, everyone, for sticking it out in the rain. What a wonderful day.

3rd Jun 2011 Posted in: Blog 0

I’m so excited to post this. I saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse on S. Lamar in Austin and just found it on YouTube. This is not a review so much as an appreciation:

2nd Jun 2011 Posted in: Blog 0

We can get along and cooperate. We won’t always be as divided as we are now.

2nd Jun 2011 Posted in: Food 0
Local CSA provides me the most wonderful veggies!

Check them out! Don’t you want to sign up? You can here. (The cookies did not come from the garden, fyi.)

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