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26th Jan 2011 Posted in: Blog, Radio Comments Off on Bob Edwards was awesome – UPDATE
Bob Edwards was awesome - UPDATE

Well, that was awesome. I’ll be getting a recording of the interview and will post it if I can. It was an honor and a pleasure to be interviewed by the great Bob Edwards. And thank you, fellow Ojaian and producer Cristy Meiners!

UPDATE: I will be receiving a recording of the interview, which I will post!

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I’m going to be on the Bob Edwards show today: 8:30 am EST, 6:30, 7:30 & 12:30 PST. Details:

Here’s where I recorded the interview:

NPR West

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Getting ready to blog for real, and thank you Liz Tigelaar.

Hi. I’m Rain Perry, writer of the song “Beautiful Tree,” theme for the beloved and unfairly cancelled show Life Unexpected.

I’ve been frittering around for awhile with the idea of starting a video blog about my life as a singer-songwriter/mom. So I’ve been researching Flip Cameras vs. Bloggies, learning about three-point lighting systems, watching Natalie Tran and Amanda and iJustine and What the Buck and Nigahiga, researching The Pioneer Woman and Rechelle (the anti-Pioneer Woman),and – always – obsessing over my most favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan.

But Life Unexpected ended this week, and it occurred to me that I could get the technical stuff together later. (more…)

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Winter Warmings. January 20, 2011 by Paul Kerr

Some more of the sounds that pitched up in the dying, snowlashed days of 2010. A mellow bunch for the most part although room for some fine honky tonkin’.

First up is the appropriately named Rain Perry (well it rains a lot here in winter) with Internal Combustion. (more…)

14th Jan 2011 Posted in: Blog Comments Off on Songwriting class!
New songwriting class starting in Ventura!