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24th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 1
There will be lots more here soon about proper pronunciation in Austin, the new (COOL, if I do say so myself) album, the Glen Ballard effect and every other thing, but for the moment, all I want to say is: Mark Hallman. Yeah!

19th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Internal Combustion combusts!
Day Three: Andrew Hardin has kicked ass and is smiling. Yes!

A lovely dinner with the Hallmans and their super-nice friends. Then to Evangeline’s to see Danny, who rocks. Holy mackerel!

18th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Mark Hallman is my hero.
Mark Hallman is my hero.

I’m tired and happy and ll I can say tonight is: when you hear the songs on my new album, be impressed with my producer, Mark Hallman. The demo I gave him was a crappy Casio keyboard with a drum machine, and he built the funkiest whole track today. Drums, bass, wacka-wacka guitar, plus recording my vocals. That’s what I’m talking about!

17th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 2

Oh, yeah, and this is why I can’t wait for Andy to come to the studio. I’m feeling snark-deprived.

Andy: What’s the song like?
Rain: It’s a new one – it’s about Keanu Reeves – but it’s from the point of view of this woman I met–
Mark (from across the room): BLUES IN C MINOR!
Andy: Rain, put Mark on. I need to talk to a man.

17th Sep 2009 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries 2

Austin, baby!

Feeling right at home at the Congress House.


Day One. Today we made sure my charts were acceptable and introduced ourselves to Keanu. Mark played a 19th century pump organ. Bad scratch vocals from me (but that’s why they call them scratch.) Made phone contact with Mr. Andrew Hardin, who will be in on Friday. MOTHERF%^&*R, this is fun!


Mark and Tommy on a quest for the perfect reverb…
Okay, this came out kind of blurry, but did you know you can get a massage at the Whole Foods? (Just in case you are too overwhelmed by the twenty seven kinds of olives.)
Crosstown from Whole Foods to the hotel, the Capitol looks lovely…
And now I’ve had my Cola-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus with a an engaging little Zinfandel and am watching Leno in prime time – I think it’s pretty good! Everything’s pretty good! Early to bed because tomorrow we’ve got Chris Maresh coming in on bass and more drum tracks from Mark. Tomorrow we will become Compartmentalized and will take a fresh look at a lesser-known Bob Seger classic. Yay!
(Some of this post is code to get you excited about the upcoming album…)