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15th Nov 2006 Posted in: Arthritis, Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on Amgen Event in DC

What a fascinating weekend. I was invited to give a speech and perform at the Amgen “Million Patient Year” celebration at the American College of Rheumatology’s annual conference. Sounds weird, huh? But it was beautiful. The event was held at Union Station in Washington DC, which was LOVELY. There were about 700 folks there – a rowdy crew of rheumatologists! I got a very warm response and had a great time.

Four main highlights of the trip:

1. Touring Washington DC with my husband Bill and Andrew Hardin, whom Amgen flew in to accompany me. We had a blast. And then getting to perform with Andy…oh my god, he’s such an amazing guitar player and a great person, even if he did say that I was a constant source of amusement to him. I’ll have pictures soon and will post them.

2. A guy walked up to me after the performance and said “I worked on the Enbrel clinical trials – I’m a researcher, so I’m way, way in a back room and I never see patients. What you said made me feel like what I do matters.” I about fell over, it was so sweet. It took the oddness of performing at a corporate event like this and made it totally make sense.

3. Oh – Saturday, the night before the show, Bill, Andy and I went to this restaurant called “Marrakesh” and had northern african food and it was great and there was a hallway full of fascinating celebrity pictures. But let me tell you that it’s very entertaining sitting wedged between two men as they are watching a hot belly dancer…

4. Finally, little did I expect to find myself having a spirited metaphysical discussion at 1 am in a restaurant with Bill and Andy and my hostess, Laura Nicholson, from the Health Advocacy Group. In fact, i’m so happy to have met all the interesting and cool people I’ve met through this event – Laura, Beth, Michael, Sonia, Marni and the folks at Wyeth and Amgen.

Thanks, everybody!