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31st Aug 2006 Posted in: Blog, Momhood, Road Diaries Comments Off on from the Austin Folk House

Okay, so I’m the only one in the Austin Folk House tonight.

This is my room. Chris from the sister b&b Star of Texas just came and fixed the modem so I could get online. He said “Your name is Rain? Not Rae-Ann?” and I couldn’t help but think of Tim Robbins in Bull Durham (“Rae-Ann…she’s a-stayin’…”) I promised him I’d be okay alone here. This morning the nice girl working asked if I could come to the other hotel for breakfast tomorrow so she didn’t have to cook breakfast for just me. That’s fine – the moms who were here this morning sending their daughters off to the U of T are gone now…that will be me in a few short years.

This is a great hotel. Come here if you want to stay right by the U of Texas. Here is an example of why it’s cool.

I did three or four more songs today. If I do say so myself, I’m kicking ass, although the pendulum still swings minute by minute between “I rock” and “I suck.” I left Congress House and drove up Congress and people were gathered on the Congress Ave. Bridge, and I thought – when will I be back? – so I parked at the newspaper parking lot and watched the bats fly at dusk. I didn’t get any good pictures because they went east along the river, but I will say that it was cool to watch them take off.

I went to Waterloo Records and wow.

Feeling a little melancholy tonight because a. I miss my family, and b. I know this recording is wrapping up and I’m sad. This is fun and wonderful and the part of me that does this is a little undernourished.

Good night from Austin,

30th Aug 2006 Posted in: Momhood Comments Off on Otto Reynolds, RIP

Otto Reynolds of Upper Ojai passed away this morning. Today I’m singing one for him.

27th Aug 2006 Posted in: Blog, Momhood 1

I just have to post this cool picture of my daughter, from the Rebel Surfboards website. No, she’s not a musician like mom, she’s a surfer!

27th Aug 2006 Posted in: Blog, Road Diaries Comments Off on holed up at the Lost Parrot

This is where I’m staying while I finish up some editing and get my voice warmed up for the vocals I’ll be recording next week. If you come to Austin, I highly recommend the Lost Parrot Cabins. It’s the greatest.

While flying in, I sat next to a guy who asked what I was doing in Austin. I cannot describe to you the amount of “I’m not worthy to make a record” that came out when I answered. Hopefully I got that all out of my system so that when I get to the actual studio I feel reasonably confident!

26th Aug 2006 Posted in: Blog, Momhood, Road Diaries Comments Off on Beautiful singers on “Beautiful Tree”

Here are a few of the lovely “Beautiful Tree” singers at the recording session in Ojai: Kim Maxwell (making her recording studio debut), Julie Christensen, and my grandmother Kae Herron. The other beautiful trees were JB White, Charlie Bosson, Patty Clarke and Victoria Williams. Jim Lashly contributed telepathically from Big Sur. It was fun and wacky, just as I wanted it to be.

I’m now back in Austin, getting ready to lay down some vocals. More soon.